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About using SplashTags

About SplashTags

About using SplashTags

1   What happens if they go in the dishwasher?

SplashTags usually survive the dishwasher without a hiccup, but you may find after a few trips through, the color gets stripped and or they simply loose their glue and fall off.

We recommend removing them before putting dishes in the dishwasher - they can be adhered to any smooth surfaced object including the glossy backing cover they were shipped with, the cellophane packaging, the original sheet.

2  How many times can they be used?

SplashTags can be used at least 4 times before enough glue comes off they they don't stick too well anymore. Some folks report even more cycles.

When removing try to keep your fingers off the sticky side to keep the glue in tact.

3 Will they leave a residue on my glass or wherever I put the Tag?

We've tested SplashTags on lots of smooth surfaced objects - they don't leave a residue and should easily come off using your fingernail.

4 Are SplashTags Microwave safe

We don't recommend putting SplashTags in the Microwave. They are made of Vinyl, and may either melt, or become permanently adhered to whatever they are stuck in. Melting may also cause hazardous fumes.

Do not put SplashTags in the Microwave.

5 Are SplastTags Oven Safe?

SplashTags are not oven safe, even at low temps. They wil melt, and may not come off easily, may emit hazardous fumes.

6 Can SplashTags be used on a glass containing a cold beverage?

Unlike static cling decals, SplashTags can be used on glasses that pick up condensation because they contain a cold beverage. You should apply the SplashTag before the glass or container becomes wet.

About SplashTags

1  What are they made of?

SplashTags use a vinyl substrate and an overlay that adds thickness and texture.

2  Do SplashTags use Toxic dyes and materials?

We have verified with the printer that the dyes and materials used for SplashTags are certified as non-toxic, however we certainly would not recommend ingesting SplashTags!